# Email

Email is optional for simple-auth, though it does enable some useful features like:

  • Welcome email
  • Email Verification
  • Forgot Password

# Engines


The default email engine is noop, which won't send any emails. In order to enable features like Forgot Password, you must configure an engine that will send emails to the user.

Simple-auth has the ability to support multiple engines, but the only one that sends out email right now is SMTP

  engine: noop

# Noop

No emails, no logging. Default.

# Stdout

Outputs the email body to the log. Useful mostly for debugging.



In order for the URLs in the email to function correctly, you must specify a correct web.baseurl. For example, SA_WEB_BASEURL=http://example.com

Sends email via SMTP server.

    engine: smtp
    from: null    # Who the email is "from"
    smtp:         # If engine is "smtp", the config
        host: ''         # SMTP Host
        identity: null   # Identify (often null)
        username: null   # Username
        password: null   # Password

For testing, you may be able to use something like Google's SMTP Relay (opens new window)